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Friday, March 26, 2010

No more RSV!!!

This was a great week for Kerrington - she had her last RSV shots! Kerrington has had to get RSV shots once a month to prevent that infection. Preemies have a higher chance of getting sick because the immune system develops in the last trimester of pregnancy. Kerrington didn't make it to the last trimester, so obviously her immune system isn't what it should be. And if she does get sick then its hard for her to fight it off the way everyone else would. A little cold could put her in the hospital - which is why we don't take her anywhere. Ever. So she sees a pulmonologist (lung dr) who makes sure that she is breathing ok and to give her those terrible shots. She went on wednesday to get her last ones since cold/flu season is almost over! She doesn't have to go back until August! Yay for the Bear!

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